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"I believe I was always meant to be a creative professional, just by my very nature.

 I discovered photography at age nine and from there it became my metier."

Ellyn Norris is a Canadian photographer/educator and resides in San Diego, California. "Elle" has traveled the world extensively to pursue her passion of editorial photography through her experiences within different landscape and meeting the people shaped by their surrounding nature. In her travels, certain places have resonated with her. Iceland has captured her heart so spending time there each year has become a perfect balance with her life in Southern California.

Ellyn also gravitates towards Nepal, through it's the people, culture and nature. She lends her photography skills to the Bo M Karlsson Foundation in Kathmandu, a charity that provides scholarships to Nepalese women, in a culture where less than 3% of women complete high school. Ellyn recently took on location portraits of the scholarship recipients. In 2017, Ellyn became one of the foundation's "artistes", and created a gallery on her website that directs the photo profits to the scholarship fund. Both initiatives contribute to the charity's funds. Want to know more about the foundation and its artistes? Click here: http://bomkarlsson.com.

Ellyn now shares these inspiring  destinations with photo enthusiasts by hosting yearly photography tours to Iceland and Nepal. Interested in a photo tour?

Email: ellynnorris@gmail.com or click the Facebook link provided on this site.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment."

Jalaluddin Rumi

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